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UFS Explorer Standard Access

Data Access Software
Version: 5.23.3
Last updated: 28.09.2017

Delivery type:

    Electronic delivery via e-mail
Check your product configuration before purchasing:
yesAllowed using on up to 10 company's computers without trial limits;
yesAllowed using for educational purposes;
yesAllowed using in corporate environment and for technical support;
yesAllowed using by multiple persons (up to 10 per single license);
yesAllowed using for commercial purposes or providing any services;
noNot allowed home using (except small business, up to 5 persons);
noNot allowed transferring to third-parties or installing to third-party PC.
This license is only valid for running the software under Windows. Running this software under other operating systems (if supported) requires special licenses.

This product is licensed under the terms and conditions of the General Life-Time License supplied with the software.

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