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Data recovery

SysDev Laboratories is one of the world leaders in Data Organization and Data Recovery researches. The company was founded by a team of mathematicians, computer scientists and analysts. Having years of experience in data analysis, data recovery and development of specialized software, SysDev Laboratories now has much own, unique data recovery techniques for a variety of practical data recovery tasks.

Major directions of SysDev Laboratories in data recovery are logical data analysis, logical data recovery and development of custom software tools for data recovery. The areas of expertise in data recovery cover a wide range of practical cases: from simple individual hard disks of desktop PC, through Network Attached Storage solutions and up to complex Storage Area Networks and Cluster Systems with distributed file systems.

The company both develops own data recovery solutions and provides services to customers and data recovery companies in logical data recovery.

Education, testing, assessment

SysDev Laboratories carries out own researches in computer-based education, staff management, pre-hire candidates testing and assessment. The company has developed a set of own, unique tools and technologies for comprehensive web-based solution for computer-based education and testing.

The main partner in education, testing and assessment services is WebExaminer Ltd., United Kingdom.

More information about classic and adaptive computer testing, including IRT-based adaptive testing, pre-hire screening, K-12 student placement testing is available from WebExaminer.

Computer science researches

The team of mathematicians, computer scientists and analysts of SysDev Laboratories carries out development and researches in computer science. This includes development of fuzzy-logics software solutions (successfully implemented in data recovery software products), development of user-friendly software interfaces etc.

The results of on-going company's developments and researches introduced in products and technologies provide customers with new solutions based on high-technology FuzzyMotion research products.

More information about reaserch products you will find in press-releases.

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