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Raise Data Recovery for HFS+

by category: Data Recovery Software
version: 5.19.1
last updated: 17.03.2016

Product is licensed under terms and conditions of the
General Life-Time License supplied with the software.

Installer, 32bit
Software Installer for Microsoft Windows, 32 bit. Current software version.

This product was replaced with:
Raise Data Recovery [STS] version 6.10.1.
The version is supported for older purchases and is not available for ordering anymore.

NEVER download or install the software to the storage you have lost your information from. This can result into permanent data loss. In case of data loss from a system partition it is strongly recommended to shut down the system and consider using UFS Explorer Emergency Recovery CD.

Raise Data Recovery version 5 is deprecated. You may consider switching to either of:

Raise Data Recovery version 6:
  • Simple, Wizard-style interface;
  • Fits best for data recovery from removable storages;
  • Many file systems in a single product;
  • Supports most popular storage devices;
  • Advanced file content viewer;
  • Modular activation with lifetime license and Short- or Long-term support plans.
  UFS Explorer Standard Recovery:
  • Technician-style interface;
  • Many file systems in a single product;
  • Supports most popular storage devices, storage "image" files, virtual disks;
  • Simple software activation with lifetime license, valid for current major software version;
  • Software supports extensions (plug-ins).

Raise Data Recovery is a software product group that comprises data recovery applications each designed for certain file system type. The applications are fully functional, and they gain the lower cost due to their focus on the concrete file system. Principally, these programs are aimed at recovery of lost and accidentally deleted files at the same time allowing for reconstruction of the file system and optional assembly of RAID.

Key software features include:

Recovery from and access to HFS+

Raise Data Recovery for HFS+ has the full capacity to resolve the problem of data loss from the HFS+ file system. This program allows retrieving missing files, searching and reconstructing lost HFS+ partitions as well as simply provides access to the files kept on other operating systems, e.g. Windows, from a HFS+ storage.

Data backup

Where state of a physical drive leaves much to be desired, data backup from a failing disk might save the situation. Raise Data Recovery for HFS+ includes an auxiliary tool for data backup from the disk drive, drive partition or any part at a given range.

HFS+ partition recovery after logical failures

Raise Data Recovery for HFS+ relies on powerful search mechanisms that allow finding lost logical partitions of a physical Mac drive. This software function is helpful in cases where a logical drive damage becomes a cause for loss of valuable data

External DAS storages support

The software offers an option to include an additional RAID-Builder tool for reconstruction of a disassembled RAID-enabled, external DAS storages into the recovery process. This tool will let you reconstruct basic RAID configurations and retrieve your valuable data from a DAS storage formatted with HFS+.


Supported host operating systems
Microsoft Windows ®: starting with Windows ® XP with Service Pack 3 and later;
Supported host computer architectures:
Intel Architecture, 32-bit (IA-32, x86); runs on 64 bit OS (via WOW64).
Supported file systems for recovery
Apple HFS+: data access, search for lost partitions, RAID recovery, deleted files recovery and recovery after file system damage.
RAID support
Standard RAID assembly via RAID Access Plugin - RAID Builder;
Custom RAID in Runtime VIM format via RAID Access Plugin - VIM Import.
Trial limitations
The software will copy files with the size below 256KB only;

System requirements

Minimal configuration
any of supported operating systems
at least 20MB free disk space for software executable files
at least 1GB RAM
Recommended configuration
any of supported operating systems
over 1GB free disk space for program and temporary files
at least 2GB RAM and dual-core CPU
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