About SysDev Laboratories LLC

SysDev Laboratories is a reputed technology company focused on delivering state-of-the-art software and professional services in the field of data recovery, data access, data analysis and digital forensics. With a unique combination of long-standing experience, deep technical expertise and innovative ideas, we have developed a portfolio of solutions that fit a comprehensive range of data loss issues and the most challenging clients' requirements.

Effective software for home users and professionals

Whether you are a veteran computer specialist or an inexperienced novice, our products are designed to maximize the efficiency of your data recovery efforts and make every operation easy and smooth. We are constantly applying new technologies and improve the existing ones to ensure we’ve provided the best solution to your needs. Our utilities work in different environments and cover almost any task and digital medium, from simple memory cards to highly complex enterprise storage arrays.

Superior services in logical data recovery

The professional competence of our engineers has been proved by thousands of solved cases, petabytes of recovered data and countless grateful customers from all over the world. Our staff knows the ins and outs of various storage technologies and will explore every possible option to cope with your data-related disaster and bring the missing files back. Service providers can also rely on our cooperation and assistance in tackling complicated or uncommon instances of data loss.


Committed to exceptional quality

We do our utmost to maintain the highest standards for the results of our work. Our products undergo extensive testing to comply with the criteria of security, efficiency and total reliability. Each application has a trial version so that the user could be sure of its quality before making a purchase. When it comes to data recovery services, no service fee is paid when the discussed result hasn’t been achieved.

Our values:

More than a decade in the industry

Established back in 2008, SysDev Laboratories has developed solutions utilized in numerous data recovery labs throughout the world.

The beginning
UFS Explorer (Universal File System Explorer) was first introduced in December 2004 by SysDevSoftware PE as a single utility for straightforward access to data on non-Windows file systems. Later on, the team of computer scientists, mathematicians and analysts from SysDevSoftware PE began its studies in the sphere of data recovery. The research has proved to be successful and resulted into the development of data recovery software.
From SysDevSoftware PE to SysDev Laboratories LLC
SysDevSoftware PE was reorganized and expanded which has led to the foundation of SysDev Laboratories LLC. Under the new brand the company released the improved multi-platform 3rd version of UFS Explorer represented by three major editions: UFS Explorer Standard Access, UFS Explorer Standard Recovery for common cases of logical data loss and UFS Explorer Professional Recovery for complex instances. Raise Data Recovery was also introduced as an inexpensive alternative of UFS Explorer Standard Recovery for one-time data recovery which supported only a single file system per software edition.
UFS Explorer version 4
With the 4th release the product range obtained enhanced functionality and a new edition – UFS Explorer RAID Recovery which was the extended edition of Standard Recovery software specially adapted for operations with RAID of standard levels and nested configurations.
UFS Explorer version 5
UFS Explorer of 5th version supported even more file systems, major types of full-disk encryption algorithms, performed fully automated reconstruction of RAID and logical volumes, like LVM, Apple Software RAID and Windows dynamic disks, and featured unique data recovery technologies that included complete and partial metadata analysis, fuzzy-logic for missing metadata reconstruction and IntelliRAW™ technology used to find good files even when all file system metadata was destroyed. R.saver was also released as a freeware utility for data recovery from FAT and NTFS.
CI HEX Viewer
In 2014 a professional-level instrument called CI Hex Viewer was released for the analysis and editing of raw binary data which comprised all necessary means ideal for quick, easy and secure processing of raw content of files and disks in hexadecimal mode. The company also started offering services of data recovery from protected/encrypted NAS devices of different vendors.
Recovery Explorer
In 2016 Recovery Explorer was introduced as a multi-functional software solution for both beginners and advanced home users that perfectly fits self-made data recovery in a vast variety of logical data loss cases. Raise Data Recovery was separated from the UFS Explorer product and received its own functional design, unique Wizard-based interface and flexible modular licensing policy. The company started offering services of data recovery from Enterprise Virtual Arrays.
Network Storage Recovery
In 2017 Network Storage Recovery was introduced as a range of vendor-specific applications for restoring data from NAS devices of most popular suppliers, including Buffalo, Synology, QNAP Systems and Western Digital. In contrast to general-purpose solutions, the software operates over LAN and doesn’t require the removal of disks, making the procedure easy and straightforward even for novices.
Recovery of media files and UFS Explorer version 7
In 2018 the company launched a new set of applications specialized in the recovery of media files: myPhoto Recovery for effective restoration of digital photos, myCCTV Recovery for work with CCTV security systems and myDrive Recorder Recovery for the retrieval of videos made by vehicle camcorders. At the end of the year, the renewed 7th version of UFS Explorer was released which has brought data recovery to a new level, providing the possibility to work with a broad range of modern storage technologies, an enhanced toolkit for specialists, optimized scanning mechanism and new user interface. The software range has also been expanded with a brand-new edition – UFS Explorer Network RAID.
UFS Explorer version 8
In 2020 the company released UFS Explorer version 8 with an advanced disk reading mechanism and extensive means for maximally efficient processing of storage devices that contain bad sectors. In addition, UFS Explorer Video Recovery was introduced – a professional data recovery utility enhanced with the capability to recover information from closed-circuit television appliances and event data recorders (EDR) used in vehicles.
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What keeps us among the leaders

SysDev Laboratories has gained a solid reputation and world-wide acknowledgment thanks to a number of elements integrated into our corporate philosophy:

Ongoing research allows us to implement new modern techniques and push the boundaries of what is possible in logical data recovery.
With a vast pool of qualified and experienced professionals, we know better than anyone else how to approach a tricky task.
Active cooperation
We are proud of long-term partnerships with hundreds of service providers, software suppliers, e-publishers, resellers and OEMs.