Refund policy

Terms and conditions for refunds

By purchasing any software provided by SysDev Laboratories you explicitly agree with this Refund Policy. Please familiarize yourself with its terms before placing an order. Any request for order/license cancellation will be processed in accordance with the conditions given below.

The products presented on the website are downloadable and provide a free trial version that makes it possible to evaluate the software before making a purchase decision. Also, additional resources, like textual descriptions, technical specifications, KB articles, video materials and others, are available to help you understand whether it fits your needs.

After the settlement of a license payment, the registration code will be delivered to you via e-mail which is used to remove the trial limitations within the downloaded software.

Refund conditions

The following terms and conditions are an extension and a part of the Public Offer End User License Agreement (EULA).

The customer is entitled to request a full or partial refund for the software license fee within the Refund Request Term stated in this Refund Policy, if ALL of the following conditions are met:

  • The customer has tested the trial version of the software before purchasing a license;
  • The software fails to process a critical operation due to a severe software error;
  • The failed operation is not available in the trial version of the software due to the trial limitations or does not fail in the trial version of the software;
  • The failure of the critical operation is not caused by hardware problems or insufficient expertise;
  • SysDev Laboratories is unable to supply replacement for the software capable of performing the failed operation within 7 days after the problem report;
  • The request for a refund was submitted to a reseller or to SysDev Laboratories only within the Refund Request Term stated in this Refund Policy.
The request for a refund will be rejected if:
  • The customer didn't try the trial version of the software (using Software Evaluation License) to check whether the required function is available in the ordered software;
  • The operation reported as “failed” is NOT available in the software according to its specifications;
  • The request was submitted after the end of the Refund Request Term stated in this Refund Policy.
Special offers
We offer the following options instead of a software license refund:
If you ordered a wrong software edition by mistake, the software license can be replaced according to Software Update Policy;
If you have insufficient expertise to complete operations conducted by the software, SysDev Laboratories may provide software support or a paid assistance service;
Instead of using the software, you can order professional services of SysDev Laboratories. In this case, the ordered software license will be kept or canceled with its price deduction from the service fee.

Refund request terms

A refund request can be processed only when all the refund conditions stated in this Refund Policy are met.

If all the refund conditions are met, SysDev Laboratories will process a full refund for the purchased software license within the period of 14 days starting from the date of the receipt of the request according to clause #4 of the article #13 of the Law of Ukraine #1023-XII dated 12.05.1991 (About Consumer Protection).

The refund request may be
considered to be processed
within 30 days
after the date of software license purchase.