For Original Equipment Manufacturers

Developing comprehensive solutions that effectively cope with various data emergencies, we offer the possibility to bundle our software applications with your existing software or hardware products. On our part, we guarantee smooth integration of the software and further support in its maintenance issues.

As our OEM partner, you can provide a ready-to-use solution to your customers that will allow them to resolve almost any data loss or data access problem. This way, you receive an independent module that raises the value of your products and increases your revenue. In addition, you can count on us for all the needed informational and marketing support.

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Our offers:
  • Seamless software integration.
  • Promotional materials and informational support.
  • Cooperation on technical issues.
  • First-in-line software support.
  • Discounts for bulk purchases.
Your benefits:
  • Our software applications include solutions covering a variety of complicated logical data loss cases, capable of providing access to locked data and helpful in data analysis. You are free to choose the solution that will perfectly match your application or device.
  • New features of your main product gained by means of an additional software solution will increase its value. As you improve your product, you are able to hold a competitive edge over your rivals.
  • Our software solutions are customizable. You receive a ready functional product easily combined with your software or hardware and functioning as its integral part as if it was its original feature.
  • Any informational, promotional and technical issues will be instantly resolved by our team of specialists. Our cooperative support increases the knowledge and skills of your employees to respond timely to customers’ requests.
  • The software price depends on the number of packages you purchase at once. The more licenses you buy, the bigger discount you get.