myDriveRecorder Recovery

myDriveRecorder Recovery

is an advanced video recovery solution specialized in the extraction of footages made by event data recorders employed in cars and other vehicles. Enhanced with sophisticated reconstruction algorithms, the program is capable of restoring intact videos even in cases of serious corruption.

Utmost efficiency in recovery of EDR recordings

Special methodology implemented in the utility maximizes the effectiveness of data recovery from automotive "black boxes" whereas its intuitive interface makes the process simple and hassle-free.

Easy and quick data recovery
Fit for challenges of various complexity

Particular techniques integrated into the program enable it not only to undelete the recordings or retrieve them after formatting of an SD card but also to cope more complicated issues – for example, when videos were not written completely due to the loss of power and other problems frequently encountered in road accidents, when they were partially overwritten due to cyclic writing or when the logical structure of a storage was damaged owing to mishandling of the device. The obtained data gets checked for validity, so the recovered files are guaranteed to be fully functional.

Beneficial in various situations

Damage of a device
Damage of
a device
Improper storage removal
storage removal
System malfunction
Deleted or formatted data
Deleted or
formatted data
Sudden loss of power
Sudden loss
of power
Storage/data corruption
Compatibility issues

Straightforward data recovery procedure

step 1: Choose a storage
Choose a storage

Connect the digital medium employed by your driving recorder to the PC and select it in the first window of the application. There you can also open a disk image file.

step 2: Wait for the results
Wait for the results

Run the storage scan and the program will thoroughly examine the selected device/volume. Simply wait for the completion of this operation.

step 3: View the found files
View the found files

Study the recovered videos – you can see them as thumbnails or preview them in the embedded video player. They can also be grouped by the exact date or specific EDR.

step 4: Save the necessary footages
Save the necessary footages

Choose the videos you need to restore and specify a safe target location to which they will be copied. Wait until the process is finished.

Recoverable devices

myDriveRecorder Recovery supports vehicle camcoders of most popular suppliers and efficiently processes various data carriers employed in them: internal hard disks drives, portable USB disks, SD/miniSD/microSD cards, USB flash drives and other types of storages.

  • BlackVue
  • Car Dash Cam Pro
  • Comtec
  • Drive Man
  • FineVu
  • Garmin
  • Globex
  • GovCTV
  • GS Biz
  • iMercury
  • Kenwood
  • Mando
  • MirTech
  • Neoline
  • Poongbae
  • Sho-Me
  • SilverStone
  • Street Storm
  • teXet
  • Thinkware
  • Trendvision
  • Urive
  • Vugera
  • Yupiteru

Key features

The software comprises all the necessary means for smooth and high-quality recovery of footages recorded by vehicle DVR systems.

Recovery Explorer
Available for:
from €100.00
Work with different formats

Along with general-purpose file systems of Windows, Linux and macOS, the software supports NxFS as well as various video stream formats and multiple video/audio codecs.

Reconstruction of fragmented video files

The software finds and matches fragments of a video, providing the possibility of data recovery even in cases of serious logical damage of a fragmented storage.

Handling incomplete recordings

The program is able to successfully restore incomplete recordings using the “tails” or “holes” of previously allocated files.

No corrupted files

The software checks the consistency of the found data and provides intact AVI or MOV videos as the recovery result.

Built-in means for playing videos

The application provides a thumbnail preview for each recovered video and allows viewing them directly in the interface before starting the copying process.

Frequently asked questions

Is my video data completely safe when processed with myDriveRecorder Recovery?
The myDriveRecorder Recovery operates only on-site and in a "read-only" mode. That is why you should not be concerned for the security or integrity of the data and the device on which it is stored. However, in case of a physically defective storage medium, it is highly recommended to contact a reputable data recovery company instead of attempting a self-made procedure, as it may bear the risk of irreversible data loss.
Is myDriveRecorder Recovery suitable for any vehicle camcoder?
For an indicative list of the supported recording devices and storage technologies employed by them, please, refer to the product specifications on the myDriveRecorder Recovery page in the Software Store. Also, a free Demo version of the software can be safely used to learn precisely whether it will prove to be effective for a particular device.
Do the reconstructed footages preserve their forensic credibility?
Yes, myDriveRecorder Recovery just places the obtained video data in universal file containers without changing the original content of frames or in any way compromising the reliability of the digital evidence.
Can I test the application before ordering a license?
You can check the effectiveness of the program by using its free Demo version. The Demo version puts forward all the functions of the full software version –  its limitations are related only to the size of the restored videos that can be copied. To download the Demo version, please, visit the webpage of the myDriveRecorder Recovery product in the Software Store.
How do I order and activate a license?
A license for myDriveRecorder Recovery can be requested via the general contact form. After we process your request, you will be contacted via e-mail and provided with detailed instructions regarding the procedure to be followed.