myCCTV Recovery

myCCTV Recovery

is a specialized utility geared towards data recovery from closed-circuit television appliances. Backed by an intelligent scanning mechanism and wrapped in a user-friendly interface, the software serves as an ideal solution to data loss from surveillance systems of most popular vendors.

Proficient reconstruction of lost CCTV footages

Fine-tuned to deal with digital CCTV systems, the software allows recovering video evidence deleted or lost from their storage media with maximum efficiency and in a forensically sound manner.

Easy and quick data recovery
Specially equipped for work with CCTV

The program has been adjusted to deliver the best possible result in the recovery of footages from popular video surveillance systems. Along with the support of various vendor-specific file systems, the software is capable of working directly with the stream data of different formats: it analyzes each video frame, checks its validity, retrieves the information needed for its reconstruction and joins the associated frames into continuous recordings. The resulting videos are placed into universal AVI container files to ensure their integrity and the possibility to open them using standard video players. On the other hand, the software doesn’t alter the original video content, preserving the forensic reliability of the obtained video materials.

Beneficial in various situations

Failure of a CCTV system
Failure of
a CCTV system
Corruption of a storage medium
Corruption of
a storage medium
Disk formatting or initialization
Disk formatting
or initialization
Accidental or intentional deletion of footages
Accidental or intentional
deletion of footages
Forensic investigation

Simple data recovery procedure

step 1: Choose a storage
Choose a storage

Connect the data carrier utilized by your CCTV system to the computer and select it in the first screen of the program. There you can also open a disk image file.

step 2: Wait for the results
Wait for the results

Run the scan and the software will thoroughly examine the chosen storage. Simply wait for the completion of this operation.

step 3: Check the found files
Check the found files

Explore the recovered videos – you can see them as thumbnails or preview them in the embedded video player. They can also be grouped by the exact date or specific surveillance camera.

step 4: Copy the needed footages
Copy the needed footages

Choose the videos you want to recover and specify a safe target location to which they will be copied. Wait until the process is finished.

Recoverable devices

myCCTV Recovery supports surveillance systems of most popular manufacturers and efficiently works with various digital media employed in them.

  • ADT
  • Aura
  • Axxin
  • BestDVR
  • Beward
  • Clinton Electronics
  • Dahua
  • EverFocus
  • GSP
  • Hikvision
  • Human
  • IDIS
  • Infinity
  • JWC
  • Keno
  • Kodicom
  • LG
  • Lorex
  • Microdigital
  • Nadatel
  • Pinetron
  • Proline
  • Rifatron
  • S1
  • Samsung
  • Siemens
  • Sky
  • T.O.M. Technology

Key features

The utility incorporates everything needed for easy and effective restoration of surveillance recordings.

Recovery Explorer
Available for:
from €150.00
Work with proprietary CCTV file systems

In addition to standard file systems of Windows, Linux and macOS, the program supports proprietary types used in CCTV, like WFS, DHFS, HIK, Mirage, Pinetron, BKFL, etc.

Support of multiple codecs and formats

The software works with a wide variety of video and audio codecs as well as numerous stream formats utilized by surveillance systems of different vendors.

Specialized validation algorithms

The application is able to verify every frame of video stream in order to provide fully-functioning videos as the recovery result.

Built-in means for playing videos

The utility shows a thumbnail preview for each recovered video and allows viewing them directly in the interface before starting the copying process.

Frequently asked questions

Is the use of myCCTV Recovery absolutely safe?
The program operates completely on-site and doesn’t write anything to the problem storage. Provided that the storage device doesn’t have any physical issues and you correctly use the software functions, no harm can be caused to the integrity or security of the data. Yet, in case of a defective storage medium, it is highly recommended to contact a reputable data recovery company instead of attempting a self-made procedure, as it may bear the risk of irreversible data loss.
Is myCCTV Recovery suitable for any video surveillance system?
For an indicative list of the supported CCTV devices and storage technologies employed by them, please, refer to the product specifications on the myCCTV Recovery page in the Software Store. Also, a free Demo version of the software can be safely used to learn precisely whether it will prove to be effective for a particular device.
Do the reconstructed footages preserve their forensic credibility?
Yes, myCCTV Recovery just puts the obtained video data in universal file containers without changing the original content of frames or in any way compromising the reliability of the digital evidence.
Can I test the application before buying a license?
You can check the efficiency of myCCTV Recovery by trying its free Demo version. The Demo version embraces all the functions available in software – its limitations are related only to the size of the recovered videos that can be saved. To download the Demo version, please, visit the webpage of the myCCTV Recovery product in the Software Store.
How do I order and activate a license?
A license for myCCTV Recovery can be requested via the general contact form. After your request is processed, you will be provided with detailed instructions regarding the procedure to be followed via e-mail.