CI Hex Viewer

CI Hex Viewer

is a comprehensive software toolkit for in-depth analysis and editing of raw data in a hexadecimal mode. With an abundance of means for efficient data parsing and its manual modification, the program greatly facilitates various manipulations with the binary content of files and storages.

Smooth operations with raw binary data

Serving for convenient presentation of raw digital contents and their easy processing, the software is indispensable in a multiplicity of tasks related to data recovery and forensic investigations.

Data parsing
Straightforward data analysis

The program incorporates everything needed to assist technical experts it the analysis of binary data from various sources. A handy hexadecimal viewer provides the actual data as hex code synchronized with its textual representation and information pane. The user can move between hexadecimal field positions manually or by setting their location parameters. The selected locations are memorized by the software for instant navigation between them and can be bookmarked to be referred to anytime. A particular data range can be selected for copying, editing or saving while an advanced search function with customizable parameters makes it easy to find the required patterns. Moreover, the utility allows performing parallel search of data fragments in several sources and comparing them right away.

Binary templates

The software supports structure templates that can be written using a special syntax and significantly simplify work with data. Such templates can be applied to files, disks, partitions and even several equal sources at the same time.

  • Simple and understandable syntax to define any type of files and storages
  • Possibility to set structure field parameters and specify distinct data forms
  • Defining actions for structure fields with “if” and “when” conditions
  • Adding dependent structures attached to the basic data block structure
  • Automatic assignment of templates to all files and storages of the same type
  • Easy navigation between template components with a context structure inspector
  • Detailed information about the available structures
Easy and safe data modifications

The software provides a variety of functions for convenient editing of data, including “copy”, “paste”, “append”, “truncate”, “search and replace”, “overwrite”, etc. A virtual editing mode guarantees the protection of the source information from inaccurate manipulations. The needed changes can also be produced in a separate newly created file or virtual disk. Data exchange can be organized between the source and target storage or the logical operations can be performed automatically. An auxiliary auto-span tool allows merging the content of several data sources and editing it as one of a single file.

Embedded RAID builder

The software provides convenient means for the analysis and assembly of RAID of different levels, including standard patterns (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 3, RAID 5, RAID 6, JBOD), nested ones (RAID 10, RAID 0+1, RAID 50, etc.) and custom RAID configurations. For RAID sets employing parity, the program is able to perform automatic parity calculation. Moreover, if the array is intact, the program instantly detects it and offers to build it automatically.

Physical disks
Physical disks
Disk images
Disk images
Virtual disks
Virtual disks
Logical volumes
Logical volumes
Data fragments
Data fragments

Other features

The utility offers many other possibilities to optimize work with raw data and make it much easier to locate the problem and perform the necessary corrections.

CI Hex Viewer
Available for:
Windows, Linux, macOS
from €9.95
Raw data inspector

The selected hexadecimal data is automatically interpreted by the software and shown in different formats.

Customizable interface

The user can easily adjust the line width in a hexadecimal representation pane or switch between hexadecimal and decimal address modes.

Numerous text encodings 

The software offers a choice between a vast variety of encodings that can be used for the textual representation of raw data.

Easy data comparison

The utility is able to compare binary data of disks, files or any parts thereof and automatically highlights all the spotted differences.

Parallel search

The software can search for the necessary data fragments in several sources at the same time.

Frequently asked questions

Why is a hexadecimal numerical system used?
Though computers employ the binary number system to store and manipulate digital data, such a representation is too massive and difficult to operate with. The hexadecimal system features maximum closeness to the binary system while being much more compact and human-readable, enabling accurate manual analysis and editing of raw data.
Is data editing in CI Hex Viewer totally safe?
In the process of editing, the changes to the file/storage are made in the virtual mode and don’t affect any byte of the data source. Once finished, you can save the altered contents as a separate file without modifying the source or apply them directly to the storage. The latter option should be used with caution as any possible editing errors may lead to irreversible data loss.
Where can I find the technical characteristics of CI Hex Viewer and its help documentation?
The most important peculiarities of the software are provided on the CI Hex Viewer product page in the Software Store. Also, you can find the extended information as well as the supporting materials on the CI Hex Viewer website.
Can I test the program before buying a license?
As CI Hex Viewer is distributed as shareware, you can check its efficiency by using the free Trial version of the application. To download the Trial version, please, visit the webpage of the CI Hex Viewer product in the Software Store.
How should I install the software?
Download the free Trial version from the CI Hex Viewer product page in the Software Store. Please, avoid using the disk which holds the lost data as a target location for saving the installation file. Run the obtained executable file in your operating system and follow the provided instructions.
How do I order and activate a license?
A license for the software can be purchased from the CI Hex Viewer product page in the Software Store. Once your payment is processed, a Registration Code will be sent to the email address specified in your order. To activate the license, download a free Trial version of the software and enter your name and the Registration Code from the email in the "License information" dialog.