Network Storage Recovery

Network Storage Recovery

is a range of specialized utilities designed exclusively for data recovery from NAS appliances of major manufacturers, like Buffalo, Synology, QNAP and Western Digital. Operating via LAN, the software saves you the hassle of disassembling the device and simplifies the procedure to several easy steps.

Effortless data recovery from NAS

Put your toolbox aside: there is no need to perform any manipulations with the internal hardware of your computer or NAS unit. Just turn the NAS on, launch the software on a PC and get your lost files back.

Easy and quick data recovery
NAS recovery without removing disks

The running storage gets automatically recognized by the program and presented in the interface for further data recovery. As all the operations are carried out over a network, it is not necessary to open the device, extract it drives and attach them to the computer. All you have to do is to ensure that the NAS appliance is functioning properly and the PC which executes the software is connected to the same LAN segment. The feature is particularly useful for sealed NAS boxes as well as ones constituting a large number of member disks that may not be hosted by a single machine without additional equipment.

Adapted to the peculiarities of NAS architecture

Each of the programs has been developed in accordance with the individual characteristics of NAS units offered by the corresponding manufacturer. Therefore, they are not only compatible with their hardware, firmware and software components but are also ideally suited for work with their file systems, RAID configurations and other proprietary technologies they are based on. Consideration of the device specifics allows making the process of data recovery from NAS maximally efficient and smooth.

Automatic reconstruction of RAID

For NAS appliances employing RAID the software automatically finds all the needed RAID parameters, such as drives order, level, stripe size and others, and uses them to instantly assemble the storage. In case of serious metadata damage, the array can be constructed manually with the help of an adjustable and convenient RAID builder. This tool enables multiple rebuilding of RAID as the process is performed in a virtual mode and doesn’t affect any data on the source storage medium.

Software editions for different NAS vendors

Network Storage Recovery is represented by a set of vendor-specific applications for NAS units of Buffalo, Synology, QNAP and Western Digital.

Recovery Explorer
Available for:
from €99.95
Adjusted for Buffalo NAS

The program takes into account the specificities of devices belonging to the LinkStation and TeraStation series manufactured by Buffalo.

Data recovery from XFS

The software offers direct access and allows restoring data from the XFS file system utilized by default in LinkStation and TeraStation of Buffalo.

Support of various RAID sets

The utility works with spanned volumes and RAID created with mdadm, including standard levels (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6) and nested RAID 10.

Work with encrypted NAS

The program is capable of processing both non-encrypted and encrypted volumes of Buffalo NAS devices.

Recovery Explorer
Available for:
from €99.95
Specialized in Synology NAS

The application was designed considering the particular features of storages from the Disk Station and Rack Station series manufactured by Synology.

Data recovery from Ext4

The program provides instant access to the intact content and recovers lost data from the Ext4 file system employed by Synology NAS.

Support of Synology Hybrid RAID

The utility is able to detect and automatically reconstruct the arrays based on the proprietary Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) technology utilized in Synology NAS.

Work with other RAID layouts

The software is also capable of processing spanned volumes and RAID sets created with mdadm, including RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6.

Recovery Explorer
Available for:
from €99.95
Tailored specially for WD MyCloud NAS

The program is adapted to the peculiar characteristics of MyCloud and MyCloud Mirror NAS appliances produced by Western Digital.

Data recovery from Ext4

The application is perfectly suitable for opening and scanning volumes with the Ext4 system applied by default in MyCloud and MyCloud Mirror NAS models.

Work with spanned volumes

Along with simple logical volumes, the program assembles and recovers data from spanned volumes available in MyCloud Mirror devices.

Support of RAID

The software supports mirrored and striped volumes (RAID 0 and RAID 1) created with mdadm that are also encountered in MyCloud Mirror NAS.

Recovery Explorer
Available for:
from €99.95
Customized specially for QNAP NAS

The program was created with regard to the specifics of devices belonging to the ТS and TVS NAS series manufactured by QNAP Systems.

Data recovery from Ext4

The utility allows opening and processing volumes with the Ext4 system which is usually applied by default in TS and TVS NAS models of QNAP.

Support of spanned volumes

The application automatically recognizes and puts together spanned volumes that may be employed in multi-disk NAS models of QNAP.

Work with a variety of RAID layouts

The utility supports different RAID configurations created with mdadm, including RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 6.

Frequently asked questions

Can Network Storage Recovery be harmful for my NAS or the data on it?
Network Storage Recovery will not write anything to the problem storage or transfer your data to any off-site servers, so using the software to regain the missing files is completely safe. However, if the NAS drives have any physical defects, such as scratches on the surface, or when they contain bad blocks, it is highly recommended to consult a reliable data recovery service provider instead of attempting a self-made procedure, as the results in this case may be unpredictable. (Bad blocks on disks can be identified with the help of "S.M.A.R.T health diagnostics" in the NAS web interface). Also, please note that during data recovery your storage may heat up much due to the increased load, so appropriate cooling should be ensured.
Is Network Storage Recovery suitable for any NAS box?
Network Storage Recovery is represented by multiple software editions, covering most NAS units of popular manufacturers: Buffalo, Synology, Western Digital and QNAP Systems. For a detailed list of the supported NAS models, please, refer to the specifications of the corresponding product in the Software Store or the Network Storage Recovery website.
Can I use the software if my NAS unit won’t start?
Work with a NAS box over LAN is only possible as long as the device can be booted and is detected by the software via a networking protocol. Otherwise, such a box requires disassembly and further connection of its drives to the computer. The latter case cannot be handled with Network Storage Recovery – depending on the storage configuration, you may consider using Raise Data Recovery, Recovery Explorer or UFS Explorer products.
Where can I find the help documentation for Network Storage Recovery?
The supporting materials for the software are available on the Network Storage Recovery website.
Can I try the software before buying a license?
As Network Storage Recovery is distributed as shareware, you can test it by using the Trial version of the corresponding utility. The Trial version includes all the available functions and restricts only the size of the found files that can be saved to 768 KB. The Trial version can be downloaded for free from the webpage of the chosen Network Storage Recovery product in the Software Store.
How should I install the software?
Download the free Trial version of the respective Network Storage Recovery product from its webpage in the Software Store. Please, avoid using the NAS disks which store the lost data as a target location for saving the installation file. Run the obtained executable file in your operating system and follow the provided instructions.
How do I order and activate a license?
A license for the software can be ordered from the webpage of the respective Network Storage Recovery product in the Software Store. Once your payment is processed, a Registration Code will be sent to the email address specified in your order. To activate the license, download a free Trial version of the software and enter your name with the Registration Code from the email in the "License" dialog.