For service providers

Along with the production of software applications for data recovery, data access, data analysis and digital forensics, SysDev Laboratories offers a comprehensive range of professional services. On the basis of constant research in the field, we discover and implement new approaches, making data recovery possible even in the most challenging situations.

Our service partners can benefit from an increased amount and variety of logical data recovery cases that they can cover for their clients. As a partner, you get instant responses to your requests and active cooperation in each individual case.

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Our offers:
  • Priority support in data recovery tasks, including the top-priority incident response.
  • Access to pre-release software versions.
  • Flexible pricing policy for data recovery services.
Your benefits:
  • You can increase the competitiveness of your services by means of access to cutting-edge technologies in the field of data recovery. Our latest developments and pre-release software versions are at your disposal.
  • The best way to win the trust of customers is to provide high-quality and timely services. Immediate support provided by our experts ensures quick processing of orders even in complicated cases. This lets you increase the capacity of your service center. More orders and complicated cases bring more revenue.
  • Thanks to the flexible pricing policy we offer to our partners, you can decrease the costs spent on the acquisition of employees to solve more complicated data recovery tasks from your clients.