In our partnership policy, we follow the principles of commitment to clear and mutually profitable relationships. To our partners, either small businesses or large organizations, we are ready to offer cutting-edge data recovery, data access and data analysis technologies and personalized support for each individual case.

Understanding our customers’ needs in reliable and efficient data recovery worldwide, we provide software and solutions which match market demands perfectly. Join our partnership program to strengthen your products and services portfolio.

Key areas of Partnership Program

Software E-Publishing

New and updated software versions appear on "shelves" of your online shop just in time. We keep you informed about all innovations, modifications and improvements in the software. You get powerful cutting-edge software solutions ready for market sale.

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General Software Reselling

Get in deal with thoroughly tested and well-selling software products. To our authorized resellers we offer generous commissions and benefits with freedom to grow and earn more. You have a real opportunity to decide on the income rate and work on your success by yourself.

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Software Partnership

Initiate necessary adjustment of software features to match the needs of your audience. We provide software customization to make it corresponding to your brand and your customers' requirements. With our software solutions, you get a ready product to expand your product line and gain competitive advantage.

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Service Partnership

Serve customers' orders right on time relying on a trustworthy partner. We offer expert services of our data recovery specialists to our service partners. You gain a big advantage over your competitors providing services on the most innovative and complex technologies in time, with high quality and to more customers.

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OEM Program

Increase the value of your products extending their features. Our suggestion is to include strong advanced multi-functional software into the existing hardware or software solutions. Embedding new opportunities into your existing offer makes your products even more advantageous and appealing.

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