For Software Partners

In our partnership policy, we follow the principles of commitment to clear and mutually profitable relationships. To our partners, either small businesses or large organizations, we are ready to offer cutting-edge data recovery, data access and data analysis technologies and personalized support for each individual case.

Understanding our customers’ needs in reliable and efficient data recovery worldwide, we provide software and solutions which match market demands perfectly. Join our partnership program to strengthen your products and services portfolio.

For Software Partners
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Software Partnership

SysDev Laboratories shows maximum flexibility in doing business. We are ready to custom-tailor our products to the local market demands of our software partners in order to provide the end customers with out-of-the-box solutions.

With software customization, you get a ready-to-use software product fully adapted to the needs of your customers, including technical and marketing part. You take control over the product under your own brand, thus, you can decide on functionality, interface and, certainly, your income rate.

Your benefits:

  • Thanks to software customization, you get a competitive advantage over the other market representatives. Making the product more valuable for a certain customers' group, recognizing their individual peculiarities, you get more revenue. In addition, the software adapted to local language increases your chances.
  • Customization is an ideal method to organize your own business: you already have adjusted, a unique software product for your promotion. With the product, you can develop your own business model, update your product line taking into account the unique features of your target group. Moreover, you don't need to spend money on software development.
  • Now, you can set your own price for your adapted product. Choosing your own pricing strategy, you can efficiently react to any changes in the market. Moreover, your sales revenue can rise up to 50%.
  • If necessary, we help you to organize your own support service. Besides, you and your customers get our priority support in software use issues.
  • Software partnership provides the possibility to agree on exclusive representation of adapted software version in a certain region.

Our offers:

  • Software customization including the white label.
  • Possibility to make software version language-adapted.
  • Up to 50% revenue for sales of the customized software.

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