A guide to obtaining a license for UFS Explorer Technician

To request a Demo or Commercial License for UFS Explorer Technician, you will need to copy the unique ID generated for your system by the software and submit it using the contact form.

For this, please proceed as follows:

  1. Check if your system meets the minimum requirements stated in the product specifications necessary for the program to function correctly.
  2. Use the "Free download" button available on the product page to download the Trial version of the software. Complete the installation and launch the application.
  3. Right after the program’s start, you will receive a popup message prompting to perform license activation. The identifier needed to issue your license will be presented as a sequence of characters in the "System ID" field.
  4. Select the provided System ID and copy it to the clipboard using the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut. Make note of it and move on to the license order.

You can submit your license request via the general contact form. When doing so, please don’t forget to specify the given System ID. Please also note that the Demo License is provided free of charge but only after the consideration of your request, whereas the Commercial License requires the payment of the License fee as per instructions delivered to you by e-mail. After your request is approved and processed, you will receive a letter with the Registration code for the software. You can run the Trial version of the software and use this code when prompted for activation. Upon success, you can exploit the program’s functionality either in the Trial or full-featured mode, depending on the chosen License type (Demo or Commercial).