Remote Data Recovery

SysDev Laboratories provides a full cycle of logical data recovery services starting from data analysis on a storage and ending with retrieval and copying of the recovered data to a safe location. The area of our expertise relates to many data loss cases including logical damages of uncommon data storages or losses from rare file systems. We render services to both individuals and companies. Besides, we are ready to offer a long-term cooperation for data recovery firms. Our experienced data recovery specialists are always ready to help you get the data back right away at a reasonable price.

Remote Data Recovery
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Remote Data Recovery

SysDev Laboratories offers professional services in logical data recovery. Our services cover data loss cases both in home and office environment and are provided to both individuals and companies. The company specialists help you to recover the valuable files from any storage type and any file system. Besides, virtual environment also belongs to the area of company’s expertise. Regardless of the data loss cause, when you trust the professionals, you have no issues for concern.

Data loss cases

SysDev Laboratories renders remote data recovery services for data loss cases, such as:

  • Common logical data loss cases including logical hardware or software failures, incorrect operator’s actions and so on;
  • Rare and complicated file systems (Xsan, StorNext, old AIX JFS etc.);
  • Complex storage architecture;
  • Storage structure damages;
  • Irregular vendor-specific solutions (e.g. digital video processing systems);
  • Complex issues related to RAID.

Our customers

Remote data recovery service can be provided to:


Home users






Legal entities

SysDev Laboratories provides remote data recovery for home computer users, companies, organizations and any other legal entities requiring assistance in data recovery. Remote data recovery services include one-time data recovery for home environment or internal corporate needs.

Furthermore, regular customers may take advantage of the loyalty program by SysDev Laboratories. Our loyalty program provides discounts for regular customers or long-term software licensees, who strictly follow the licensing requirements for their data recovery software.

The entire process

Logical data recovery presumes a remote recovery of the requested data from readable storage media. In order to execute a remote logical data recovery, a storage or a storage image file should be available for data access on client's side.

The process of the remote data recovery consists of such steps:

Preliminary case evaluation. Upon receiving customer's request, specialists of SysDev Laboratories connect to your machine for a free preliminary case evaluation. This includes assessment of data recovery chances, rough evaluation of data recovery terms and quality of the data recovery result. This also includes a preliminary assessment of the total service scope and fee. At this stage, you get a rough estimation of the case complexity and cost of the data recovery services.

Start of the recovery. With the customer’s permission, specialists of SysDev Laboratories start data recovery. An engineer responsible for your case performs necessary operations to isolate recoverable data, reports to the customer on the quality of the recovery result and recovers a portion of data for demonstration purposes. If the customer is satisfied with the reported quality, he/she shall pay a half of the agreed service fee as a non-refundable payment.

Data recovery completion. The recovery specialist from SysDev Laboratories completes the operation and saves the client’s data to a safe place. The customer pays the remaining part of the service fee, which may be reduced and re-agreed in case if the quality of the end recovery result is lower than expected.

* The customer may receive the most critical data already in the recovery process, immediately after it becomes available.

Safety measures

Data recovery specialists of SysDev Laboratories recommend following preliminary safety measures immediately after the data loss to avoid any unrepairability of your files.
Wrong actions at the very first steps may lead to irreversible data loss.
  • Stop writing operations. If you have detected a data loss problem, please, isolate the storage from any writing operations. These include work with files, downloads, system or software updates etc.
  • Make a disk image. If you notice any signs of physical defects on the storage, or simply in order to enhance storage safety, please, create a disk image file. You can create a disk image using special software by yourself or turn to computer repair services.
  • Do not run system repair utilities. SysDev Laboratories does not recommend running any standard file system or RAID repair utilities (such as chkdsk, fsck etc.), especially in forced and/or repair modes.

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