myDriveRecorder RecoveryDriveRecorder Recovery

myDriveRecorder Recovery is a helpful utility for recovery of video recordings made by camcorders used in vehicles. Created specifically for the purposes of video recovery, the software is able to retrieve video files from their fragments and incomplete video files.

The application provides recovery
from devices from various vendors:
  • BlackVue
  • Car Dash Cam Pro
  • Comtec
  • Drive Man
  • FineVu
  • Garmin
  • Globex
  • GovCTV
  • GS Biz
  • iMercury
  • Kenwood
  • Mando
  • MirTech
  • Neoline
  • Poongbae
  • Sho-Me
  • SilverStone
  • Street Storm
  • teXet
  • Thinkware
  • Trendvision
  • Urive
  • Vugera
  • Yupiteru
Key features
Special technology for recovery of dash cam recordings

Specialized in restoring footages from dashboard cameras, the software provides the best possible results of data recovery from most common car camcorders, like Thinkware, BlackVue, Garmin, PAPAGO, etc. and various storages they rely on, including USB flash drives and memory cards. In addition to that, the program offers the possibility to work with disk images of these devices.

Efficient recovery of deleted footages

myDriveRecorder Recovery is capable of retrieving deleted video files irrespective of the circumstances which lead to their removal – whether it was intentional or accidental deletion, storage formatting, system malfunction, lack of space on the disk or any other factor. What is more, even if a recording was partially overwritten, special techniques offered by the software allow restoring it in part with the help of “tails” or “holes” of preallocated files.

File reconstruction

myDriveRecorder Recovery is enhanced with a helpful technology for reconstructing corrupted file systems which makes successful data recovery possible even when the logical structure of a storage was seriously damaged. Moreover, if the failure resulted in the loss of information about the location of fragmented files, the program will still manage to recover them by finding and matching their pieces.

Recovery of corrupted files

For cases when a recording is incomplete or got damaged due to a car accident, improper use of a dash cam or system crash, the software offers special techniques which allow restoring corrupted video files. Having found a corrupted .MOV file, the utility provides an intact .AVI file at the output while damaged .AVI videos preserve their original extension.

Helpful preview and sorting options

myDriveRecorder Recovery makes the process of video recovery easy and quick, enabling the user to preview any footage directly in the program's interface and sort videos by date and camera they were recorded with.

File validation technology

A special technology for validating video files allows myDriveRecorder Recovery to produce fully functional .AVI or .MOV files as the recovery result which can be opened by any standard media player.

Supported host operating systems
Microsoft Windows ®: starting with Windows ® XP with Service Pack 3 and later.
Supported file systems
All standard file systems
Supported file formats
Trial limitations
The software will copy files with the size below 768 KB only.
disk space
Web browser
Minimal configuration
the supported operating system
at least 20 MB free disk space for software executable files
at least 1 GB RAM
any web browser
Recommended configuration
64-bit edition of the supported operating system
over 2 GB free disk space for program and temporary files
at least 4GB RAM and 4 logical cores CPU
any web browser