Data recovery plugin for Dell EqualLogic
Data recovery plugin for Dell EqualLogic
Data recovery plugin for Dell EqualLogic
Data recovery plugin for Dell EqualLogic
Data recovery plugin for Dell EqualLogic

Data recovery plugin for Dell EqualLogic

Version: 1.1
Last update: 24.04.2024
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Data recovery plugin for Dell EqualLogic is an additional software component designed to extend the functionality of UFS Explorer Technician and provide the possibility to deal with the volumes of Dell EqualLogic Storage Arrays using this very utility. With such an add-on loaded into the program, technical specialists can easily interact with the Dell EqualLogic SAN solution, explore the content of its volumes and perform further data recovery, saving a significant amount of time and effort that would otherwise be spent for mapping out the SAN's structure.

An indispensable tool for work with Dell EqualLogic
As a useful extension to UFS Explorer Technician, the Access Dell EqualLogic SAN Volumes Plugin automates the process of accessing Dell EqualLogic SAN Pool using the software and thus simplifies the recovery of data stored within its volumes, which has previously been a daunting and time-consuming task even for accomplished experts in view of the need for manual parsing of the SAN metadata.
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Key features

Immense support of modern storage technologies
Immense support of modern storage technologies Automatic detection of SAN volume metadata

All the parameters required to assemble the storage are detected by the software automatically. The user can choose the source RAID set from the list, and the software will pick the existing SAN configurations, including the current one and those that have been earlier applied within the system. It is also possible to view each metadata version state and thus ensure that it hasn’t been seriously damaged.

Extensive list of supported file systems
Extensive list of supported file systems Manual provision of intermediate configurations

In situations of severe corruption that leads to troubles with automatic reconstruction of the storage layout, any of its constituents, including the underlying RAID set, the copy of metadata and the superblock can be specified manually. The array can be pre-assembled using the convenient means provided by the software, whereas the superblock and the metadata can be imported into the plugin in the form of files. Such an approach leaves the opportunity for successful recovery even in the most challenging scenarios.

Extensive list of supported file systems
Extensive list of supported file systems Prompt access to the SAN volume content

Once the need configuration is selected, the software employs it for translation of the volume’s address space and correct reading of the available file systems, enabling further data access. The user will be presented with the list of SAN volumes and snapshots, being able to explore their content straight away. This not only minimizes the time required to initiate the recovery process, but also reduces the potential for human error caused by the intricacies of manual SAN reconstruction.

Data recovery from RAID of various complexity
Data recovery from RAID of various complexity Handy volume preview function

The plugin allows opening a volume and enables inspection of its content using the built-in file system preview tool. It is possible to choose any of the found volumes or volume snapshots and look into the file system content, even without activating a license. This way, it becomes simple to verify the relevance and condition of the data before committing to any further data recovery manipulations.

Work with encrypted devices
Work with encrypted devices Smooth data recovery from Dell EqualLogic SAN

Once mounted in the program’s interface, the reconstructed Dell EqualLogic volume can be easily processed in the software like any conventional storage device. The user can apply the existing software toolkit facilitating the extraction of valuable information and complete the data recovery procedure by saving the restored folders and files to a secure external location.

Support of virtual storages
Support of virtual storages Trouble-free activation in the host software

Users can quickly enable and start utilizing the plugin's capabilities without the need for complex setup procedures. After being downloaded and placed into the folder of UFS Explorer Technician, the component becomes available within the list of plugins in the program and can be effortlessly handled using the integrated Plugin Manager.

Compatible software
  • UFS Explorer Technician starting from version 10.

Supported Configurations
  • Latest metadata versions created on Dell EqualLogic Type 11 to Type 15 controllers with firmware versions from 7.1 to 10.0.

  • The software will show a preview of the volume’s content without the possibility to open it for further data recovery.

Please note that older versions of metadata as well as certain newer metadata combinations of may not be supported. Before purchasing a license, you may use the file system preview tool to make sure that the specific metadata is supported correctly.
Supported host operating systems
  • Microsoft Windows®: starting from Windows® 8 and later;