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QNAP NASNetwork Storage Recovery for QNAP NAS

Network Storage Recovery for QNAP NAS is a software application for restoring files from network-attached storage devices produced by QNAP Systems. The utility effectively recovers data lost from both simple LAN disks and corporate class storage servers, regardless of the number of drives adopted by a NAS model. The software conducts data recovery over LAN without the need to disassemble the problem device.

Accidental deletion Accidental
file deletion
Storage formatting Storage
RAID failure RAID
File system corruption File system
RAID volume deletion Deleted RAID
Other reason Other
Key features
Vendor-specific software solution

Network Storage Recovery for QNAP NAS is an efficient software application created specifically for restoring data lost from network-attached storages of QNAP Systems. The software features a special set of techniques for work with the Ext4 file system applied in these devices, thus, manages to provide the best possible recovery results in every case.

Data recovery from NAS without the need for disk removal

The utility allows restoring lost files from a bootable NAS device without the necessity to disassemble the storage and connect its disks to a PC, enabling efficient data recovery in cases when the removal of NAS disks is impossible or undesired.

Data recovery from RAID-based NAS

Developed for restoring data from various models of QNAP NAS, the utility allows working with RAID of different standard levels created with mdadm, including RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID6. The software also effectively handles non-RAID drive architectures (SPAN).

Option of manual RAID assembly

The software automatically detects available RAID configurations, however, in cases when RAID metadata has been lost or corrupted, the user can define an array manually by specifying its level, stripe size, etc. and build it in a virtual mode.

Two types of scanning

Network Storage Recovery for QNAP NAS offers two types of search for lost files and folders: a quick scanning of a special dedicated area which can be applied after minor file system damage and a long scanning for severely damaged file systems. The search results can be also improved by enabling the raw recovery option, which allows finding files by known content.

Network Storage Recovery is a software range of vendor-specific applications for restoring data
from network-attached storage devices of most popular suppliers, including:

Supported host operating systems
Microsoft Windows ®: Windows ® XP with Service Pack 3, Vista, versions 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
Supported file systems for recovery
Supported file systems for reading
Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, UFS/UFS2, ReiserFS, XFS, JFS
Apple HFS+ and APFS
SUN/FreeBSD ZFS file system
ESX(i) VMFS of VMware
Trial limitations
The software will copy files with the size below 768 KB only.
disk space
Web browser
Minimal configuration
the supported operating system
at least 20 MB free disk space for software executable files
at least 1 GB RAM
any web browser
Recommended configuration
64-bit edition of any of supported operating systems
over 2 GB free disk space for program and temporary files
at least 4GB RAM and 4 logical cores CPU
any web browser