version 10.6

What's new in version 10.6:

  • Virtual sector size transformation on images: added possibility to specify a custom source sector size;
  • Drives/bridges security: added ATA "security unlock" support (the password must be known, including padding and transformation);
  • Added support of password-based full-disk encryption on OpenBSD softraid;
  • Added support of OpenBSD softraid (RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, Span);
  • In disk imager: added a tool to re-image defect blocks (it resets the 'defect' status to the 'unread' status and allows to re-image the 'unread' zones);
  • Microsoft Storage Spaces:
    - Added basic support of multi-tier volumes with several rotation groups;
    - Fixed parsing issue of 'parent link' metadata entries (version 2);
  • Added a tool to open 'directory-bundled' images from a local file system:
    - Added support of macOS sparsebundle/backupbundle format;
    - Added support of Parallels HDD bundle virtual disks (with automatic support of snapshots);
  • In media manager: added recognition of local Parallels Desktop virtual machines and possibility to access their virtual disks (under macOS);
  • Disk images of Parallels Desktop software: added support of snapshots;
  • Fixed scan issue that caused incorrect file system sub-trees reconstruction on Linux/Unix file systems (EXT, XFS etc.).
version 10.5

What's new in version 10.5:

  • Added support latest version of QZFS (QNAP QuTS hero ZFS) file system;
  • Added ZFS pool builder GUI:
    - Added GUI to view/edit ZFS pool configuration, including Vdevs, RAID-Z level and members etc.;
    - Possibility to assign components manually (after metadata damage) and force placeholders on place of missing components;
    - Added 'New ZFS pool' function under 'RAID' menu to build a pool manually;
    - 'View/Edit RAID' function for ZFS pool RAIDs is replaced with this tool to view/re-configure automatically assembled pools;
  • Added support of Drobo short-form metadata of latest models;
  • In Drobo assistant tool: added possibility to specify data block metadata size (to support older models/firmware);
  • In disk imager:
    - Added option to track disk by serial number after its reconnection at different device path;
    - When resuming saving image to an existing SDLSP or VHDX file, software now verifies stored serial number to match with the source;
  • ZFS file system access:
    - Fixed an issue with 'missing' support of Big-Endian file system (SPARC);
    - Fixed an issue with path navigation when multiple datasets enclosed to each other;
  • In ZFS scan procedure: fixed an issue with detection of Big-Endian ZFS (SPARC);
  • In file size report: added possibility to switch between long (full) numbers and short form in KB/MB/GB/TB;
  • ExFAT scan: addeed support of 'padding' directory records;
  • NTFS:fixed issue with support of big files when DATA attribute is moved to ATTR_LIST but still has duplication of 'DATA tail' in main MFT record.
version 10.4

What's new in version 10.4:

  • In disk cleanup tool: added function of erasing 'Host Specific' ATA log pages;
  • Fixed bug with support of Dell Equallogic RAID6 metadata (Reed-Solomon code variant);
  • In plugins:
    - Added 'basic' support of VMFS file system (for single-volume datastores, below 16TB);
    - Added support of preview for disk image files and virtual disks on the opened file system;
    - Added support of other file systems, supported by UFS Explorer Technician (ZFS, JFS, VxFS, WAFL etc.);
  • Disk imager: added option to save 'Host Specific' ATA log pages to SDLSP or directly to SATA physical disk clones;
  • On-demand imaging:
    - When target image file supports writing of ATA log pages, they are cloned automatically on first use;
    - Added a tool for explicit imaging of ATA log pages to the target;
  • Reworked 'Drives/Bridges security' tool to support ATA log pages from images or 'on-demand imaging tasks';
  • Added double-click decryption of disks from WD MyBook with JMS561 bridge chip;
    - Also added automatic recognition of Span/Stripe multi-disk RAID configurations on decrypted storages;
  • LUKS decryption: extended allowed password length to 8K symbols, added support of null-symbols in keys/passwords;
  • Fixed crash bug with in the disk imager working in ATA-mode;
  • In SDLSP file format: added possibility to store 'Host Specific' ATA log pages;
  • Added indication of encryption on disks from WD MyBook (DUO) with JMS561 bridge;
  • Fixed issue with support of sparse files created with EXT2/3-style inodes on EXT file system;
  • UFS file system: fixed a couple of bugs with processing of directory scan (after 'sparse' deletion).
version 10.3

What's new in version 10.3:

  • Added support of couple of 'alternative' key block formats for WD MyBook DUO (under 'Drives/bridges' security tool);
  • Added possibility to search for lost/damaged LVM configurations without physical volume configuration by defining a PV without known ID;
  • 'Filter file system' function now uses updated UI design with different classes of properties on different tabs;
  • In the 'Dynamic HTML report': fixed issue with 'Save CSV report' function and changed CSV separator to 'coma' symbol;
  • In the reporting function itself: added customization of separator for CSV reports (the default one is now 'coma');
    - Also fixed several UI and report format issues;
  • Reworked 'Save with filter' GUI: different filters separated to 'tabs', target path was made editable;
    - Also reworked 'folder exclusion' mask as a separate setting;
  • Added indication of ZFS pool component properties (vdev, RAID configuration, RAID-Z member, pool ID etc.);
  • New filter UI design is also applied to reporting function;
  • Access to NTFS volumes: Added support of Windows Overlay Filter (WOF) compression on files (both XPRESS and LZX);
  • NTFS file system scan:
    - Added search and processing of WOF-compressed files in scan result;
    - Removed duplicate symbolic links;
    - Corrected algorithm of directory structure recovery for 'lost' files;
  • ExFAT file system scan: added possibility to recover items from partially wiped folders;
  • In RAW recovery: added possibility to assemble SONY cam video streams with reverse header/data order.
version 10.2

What's new in version 10.2:

  • Experimental support of NetAPP WAFL file system (metadata version 2 to 4 - 32/64bit, traditional/flex);
  • Added support of imaging customization for sources with extended sector sizes (such as 520, 528 etc. bytes):
    - Added possibility to save whole image (without truncation/conversion) to another physical disk, plain image or SDLSP file;
    - Conversion is now made customizable to support 520->512, 4160->4096 etc. truncations with a custom data offset;
  • When enabled indication of slack space, 'inaccessible' areas are also displayed (made with ATA AMA/HPA/DCO or 32bit address truncation);
  • Virtual sector size transformation: added support of conversion of 4160- and 4608-byte blocks to 4096 bytes;
  • Plain (flat) disk images now have native support of extended sector sizes (defined via the 'Virtual sector size transformation' tool);
  • For QNAP NAS: added support of LUKS decryption using backup key files (via 'Media Manager' GUI);
  • 'Open device (advanced)' function now has setting for maximum IO block size (to support limitations of some adaptors);
  • In disk imager (ATA mode) - fixed issues with read errors caused by mis-aligned buffer;
  • SDLSP format now has native support of extended sector sizes (such as 520, 528, 4160 etc.);
  • Saving images from SDLSP and plain files with extended sector size enable automatic conversion to standard sector size;
  • In 'Media Manager': added support of TerraMaster NAS (shared folders, iSCSI, etc.);
  • XFS file system: added support of 'object type in directory entry' extended feature for XFS metadata version 2;
  • UFS file system: added support of sparse files;
  • Increased software stack size to support much larger depth of directories nesting;
  • In Explorer, introduced additional 'yellow' state for files found with 'raw recovery'.
version 10.1

What's new in version 10.1:

  • Added support of RAID0+1 configurations of HP SmartArray controllers (version 1 metadata);
  • Added support of RAID0 configurations on RAID components of different sizes (dynamic adjustment of rotation);
  • Added support of iSCSI file storages on ASUSTOR NAS (format of index+data, via Media Manager);
  • In LUKS decrypt: added support of 'Base64 decode' transform to accept 'rkey' binary passwords of Synology NAS;
  • Added support of WD MyCloud backup keys for storage decryption;
  • In file viewer: added 'quick preview' for disk images and virtual disks of common formats and with most used file systems;
  • In Media Manager:
    - Added support of ASUSTOR NAS devices (shares, snapshots, iSCSI target files, encrypted shared folders);
    - Added support of WD MyCloud NAS (OS 5: PRO, EX2 Ultra etc.) storages;
    - Added support of legacy WD MyCloud Home series storages;
    - For MyCloud Home storages, added proper indication of user name for 'auth' container folders;
    - Fixed bug with support of GPT on Synology NAS;
  • Reworked ReFS file system support module:
    - Replaced 'mapping of file segments' with 'IO virtualization' to support segmentation and double indirection (optional, ReFS 3.9 and later);
    - In 'access mode': added experimental support of ZSTD and LZ4 file compressions;
    - In both 'access mode' and 'scan result': added support of 'redirected' file metadata (this fixes displaying of some files as 'folders');
  • Removed imaging optimization for AVHDX/SDLSP files with enabled 'base' files (which are used as a 'delta').
version 10.0

What's new in version 10.0:

  • New software release.