Raise Data Recovery – Short-Term Support

Raise Data Recovery – Short-Term Support

Version: 10.6
Last update: 24.04.2024
version 10.6

What's new in version 10.6:

  • Fixed scan issue that caused incorrect file system sub-trees reconstruction on Linux/Unix file systems (EXT, XFS etc.).
version 10.5

What's new in version 10.5:

  • ExFAT scan: addeed support of 'padding' directory records;
  • NTFS:fixed issue with support of big files when DATA attribute is moved to ATTR_LIST but still has duplication of 'DATA tail' in main MFT record.
version 10.4

What's new in version 10.4:

  • Fixed issue with support of sparse files created with EXT2/3-style inodes on EXT file system;
  • UFS file system: fixed a couple of bugs with processing of directory scan (after 'sparse' deletion).
version 10.3

What's new in version 10.3:

  • Access to NTFS volumes: Added support of Windows Overlay Filter (WOF) compression on files (both XPRESS and LZX);
  • NTFS file system scan:
    - Added search and processing of WOF-compressed files in scan result;
    - Removed duplicate symbolic links;
    - Corrected algorithm of directory structure recovery for 'lost' files;
  • ExFAT file system scan: added possibility to recover items from partially wiped folders.
version 10.2

What's new in version 10.2:

  • XFS file system: added support of 'object type in directory entry' extended feature for XFS metadata version 2;
  • UFS file system: added support of sparse files;
  • In Explorer, introduced additional 'yellow' state for files found with 'raw recovery'.
version 10.1

What's new in version 10.1:

  • Reworked support of ReFS file system.
version 10.0

What's new in version 10.0:

  • Significant changes in the software licensing scheme:
    - The licensing options have been simplified to a single Personal License that covers all supported file systems and other storage technologies;
    - Added two variants of the software updates period to choose from: Short-Term Support (30 days of free updates) and Long-Term Support (360 days of free updates);
  • Enhancements to the user interface:
    - Several optimizations in the program's GUI (Storages navigation area, Explorer, and other GUI elements);
    - Automatic adaptation to the system "dark mode" settings under Windows and macOS;
  • Reworked scan procedure:
    - Added support for a "quick" scan of the available file system metadata to save time and memory;
    - Added an option to select the preferred scanning mode;
    - Added displaying of the approximate number of found files (categorized by file type);
  • In the Explorer dialog for scan results:
    - Multiple scan result items have been consolidated to a single scan result that corresponds to the scanned source;
    - Added automatic sorting of the scan results to folders according to the file type (photos and pictures, documents, audio, video files and others).
version 9.18

What's new in version 9.18:

  • Added displaying of the number of files in scan result folders;
  • Disabled the indication of the folder metadata size (to avoid confusion with the size of contained files);
  • Fixed issue displaying color progressive (one scan per component) JPEG images as greyscale.
version 9.17

What's new in version 9.17:

  • Reworked file copying with replacement of 'unsafe symbols' (such as '/', '?' etc.):
    - Under Windows: unsupported symbols on a source file system are changed to special Unicode symbols (macOS-style) on a target;
    - Under Linux: all 'unsafe symbols', except '/' are now allowed;
    - Under macOS: all 'unsafe symbols', except '/' and ':' are now allowed;
    - When source file system contains macOS Unicode replacement symbols, they are changed to 'original' ones in the user interface;
  • Minor fix to ReFS3 file system (to support a variation of metadata format);
  • Fixed bug with EFS-encrypted files, recovered with full-disk scan stage;
  • Fixed bug scanning volumes with compressed files on NTFS;
  • Fixed bug processing extended attributes on XFS file system;
  • Legacy HFS file system: now displayed and preserved file creation/modification dates.
version 9.16

What's new in version 9.16:

  • Some rework of Explorer interface;
  • EXT3/4 file systems:
    - Faster (optimized) processing of file system journal - by caching it to memory;
    - Faster 'open' for existing big EXT3-4 volumes;
  • In embedded viewer:
    - Added several unsupported camera raw formats (and fixed couple of related bugs);
    - Significantly reduced number of access attempts to storage when defect block is detected.
version 9.15

What's new in version 9.15:

  • Few corrections to FAT/FAT32 scan procedure (to support several previously unsupported metadata damages);
  • Added support of several recent digital cameras (RAW formats) to embedded viewer.
version 9.14

What's new in version 9.14:

  • HFS+ scan: better reconstruction of lost folder names from journal;
  • ExFAT scan: removed duplicate 'green'/'yellow' file systems in result.
version 9.13

What's new in version 9.13:

  • XFS file system scan: fixed couple of issues with save/resume scan and deleted file names recovery;
version 9.12

What's new in version 9.12:

  • In the scan finalization GUI now added more detailed indication of currently running operations, including number of found files;
  • Added support of empty folders in scan results (to recover folder structures without files);
  • NTFS file system scan:
    - Added support of recovery of empty files, including files with only named data streams;
    - Added procedure of restoration of lost file placeholders when there is no file descriptor (only a reference from a directory index);
  • EXT3/4 file systems:
    - Added support of empty folders and files of zero size in scan result;
    - Fixed few issues with processing of journal and file names recovery.
version 9.10

What's new in version 9.10:

  • Update to FAT32 scan: better file system recovery when superblocks are lost AND FAT tables are damaged.
version 9.9

What's new in version 9.9:

  • Fixed few bugs related to XFS file system scan;
  • Updated HFS+ scan procedure to support file system recovery when main metadata locations are wiped.
version 9.8

What's new in version 9.8:

  • NTFS file system: fixed issue with support of very fragmented files when the FileName attribute is outside of the main MFT entry;
  • GUI related updates.
version 9.5

What's new in version 9.5:

  • ExFAT scan: added processing of CheckDisk .CHK files (when possible), fixed few more issues;
  • Raw recovery scan: found and fixed 'scan stuck' issue.
version 9.4

What's new in version 9.4:

  • ExFAT scan: fixed issue with recognition of previous cluster size after format;
  • F2FS file system: added support of 'extra attributes' flag.
version 9.3

What's new in version 9.3:

  • Reworked FAT/FAT32 quick scan/indexing procedure for better support of damaged folders;
  • In embedded file viewer:
    - Added support of HEIC/HEIF photo format (Canon R5/R6, Apple products etc.);
    - Added decoding of Fujifilm 14bit 'packed' RAF format (models X-A3, X-A7 etc.);
    - Added decompression of Fujifilm compressed RAF format (models X-T2, X-T3, X-E3, X-H1 etc.);
    - Defined configurations for many other raw photo formats.
version 9.2

What's new in version 9.2:

  • Raw recovery and tool for re-assigning file extensions are extended with more types;
  • Fujifilm RAW photos format (RAF):
    - Added extraction of file size, camera 'model name' and 'date taken' in raw recovery;
    - Fixed issue with file separation to 'preview' and 'tiff' when it is detected by content;
  • MacOS HFS+ file system:
    - Enhanced procedure of damaged file system reconstruction and deleted data recovery;
    - Fixed issue with direct access to highly fragmented file system.
version 9.1

What's new in version 9.1:

  • Added indication of folder capacity in scan result;
  • Added indication of file status in scan result;
  • Recovery of lost address translation leafs in Btrfs scan (for correct deleted data recovery).
version 9.0

What's new in version 9.0:

  • Support of hard links on NTFS, APFS, HFS+, Ext, F2FS, Reiser, UFS and XFS;
  • Added automatic deduplication of duplicate hard links;
  • Added support of duplicate file/folder hard links in scan result;
  • APFS direct access:
    - File system state is now loaded using the latest generation of stored superblock;
    - Added support of file system snapshots, including 'local' and 'backup' Time Machine;
    - Loading of file set is postponed until it is first used (for performance reasons);
  • APFS scan: better structure recovery and finding of lost snapshots in full scan;
  • HFS+ scan: added support of hardlinks (including Time Machine);
  • Preserving 'Hidden' and 'System' flags on copied files (Windows version);
  • XFS scan: fixed few major bugs with structure recovery in full scan;
  • Older ReFS (Windows Server 2012): fixed few bugs in scan procedure;
  • ExFAT scan: support of 1MB clusters, fixed few issues.
version 8.17

What's new in version 8.17:

  • ReFS support is extended with new version found on Windows Server 2022 preview;
  • Fixed several bugs.
version 8.15

What's new in version 8.15:

  • ReFS: Support of symbolic links;
  • Added quick detection of lost partitions at 'standard' offsets;
  • Support of storages with physical sector size 1 and 2 KB.
version 8.14

What's new in version 8.14:

  • Enabled access and lost data recovery from Windows Server ReFS.
version 8.13

What's new in version 8.13:

  • APFS: fixed B-tree reconstruction bug in scan procedure;
  • HFS+: fixed bugs reading of damaged B-tree;
  • XFS: fixed bug reading named attributes;
version 8.12

What's new in version 8.12:

  • NTFS: support of more scenarios for file information recovery from LogFile;
  • FAT16: fixed problem with recognition of root folder in non-indexed full scan;
  • ExFAT file system scan:
    - Processing of tails of overwritten folders (in full and quick (indexing) scans);
    - Result is filtered to remove junk objects that may appear from damaged folders;
  • Fixed bug with file system structure recovery when intermediate folders are lost;
  • Fixed read/quick scan of HFS+ with 'overflowed' fragmentation of Catalog File;
  • Software version for macOS:
    - Adopted and optimized GUI to specifics of Big Sur (macOS 11);
    - Software optimization for better translation to ARM64 (Apple M1) via Rosetta.
version 8.11

What's new in version 8.11:

  • Support of restoring extended file attributes from Windows/Linux/Mac;
  • XFS file system: added support of multi-block directory clusters.
version 8.9

What's new in version 8.9:

  • Added 'read' support of UDF file system;
  • Restoring RWX 'owner' permissions under Linux and Mac.
version 8.8

What's new in version 8.8:

  • NTFS file system:
    - Added procedure of files recovery using $LogFile content;
    - Blocked copying of non-synchronized files from OneDrive;
  • Fixed bug with copying error when source to target is copied root to root.
version 8.7

What's new in version 8.7:

  • ExFAT scan procedure:
    - Additional procedure for finding previous file system align after storage re-partitioning;
    - Reduced number of 'found file systems' with wrong align;
  • NTFS: enabled direct file system access when $MFT DATA attribute is damaged;
  • HFS+ file system:
    - Fixed few bugs preventing detection of several partitions during single scan;
    - Reduced memory use by better isolation of files between found file systems instances;
  • Fixed several problems in software versions for macOS:
    - Fixed crash bug in copying procedure when popup dialog window have to appear;
    - Fixed rare bug causing dialog sheet to 'stuck';
    - Fixed problem of displaying some auxilitary UI captions;
    - Added software notarization for macOS version 10.14 and later.
version 8.6

What's new in version 8.6:

  • Modified handling of APFS metadata damage to show more structure when tree is damaged;
  • Fixed several bugs with Btrfs file system scan;
  • Raw recovery:
    - 'Title' is now recovering as file name for .html and .wpl formats;
    - Added title and date extracton from ODT/ODS/ODP document files;
    - Fixed crash bug on invalid exe-file data.
version 8.5

What's new in version 8.5:

  • Reworked procedure of deleted files recovery from EXT3/EXT4 file systems;
  • Updated format of 'scan status database' and 'virtual file system' files;
  • Photo viewer adopted for new digital camera raw formats of:
    - CANON EOS-1D X Mark III, EOS 250D; Fuji GFX 100, X-Pro3, X100V, X-T4;
    - Nikon D780, Z5; Pnanasonic DC-G100, DC-TZ95, DC-G90, DC-G95, DC-GX880;
    - Sony DSC-RX100 VII, a7R IV, a6100, a9 II; Olympus TG-6 etc.
version 8.4

What's new in version 8.4:

  • Raw recovery:
    - Added file name generation for .contact, .vcf, .fb2 files;
    - Recovery of name (Original/Internal) and build date from Windows executables;
    - Adjustment of file size for EXE/DLL/SYS files to match size of sections and signature;
  • Speed-up of properties (preview) extraction for Windows executable files.
version 8.3

What's new in version 8.3:

  • EXT file system: speed up of journal processing at completion stage;
  • XFS file system: optimization of indexing procedure;
  • APFS file system:
    - Added support of Apple extended attributes for direct access;
    - Added support of basic (resident) attributes in scan result;
  • HFS+ file system:
    - Speed up of file system indexing;
    - Fixed bug reading extended attributes in direct access mode;
  • Apple extended attributes and resource forks:
    - Support of saving them to NTFS/ReFS named data streams for Apple Filing Protocol (AFP);
    - Attribute storage in scan result was moved one level deeper in folder structure;
  • Raw recovery: support of more types and several enhancements.
version 8.2

What's new in version 8.2:

  • Rework of NTFS scan procedure:
    - In part of 'red' file systems - for memory use reduction;
    - Exraction of some missing file system structure elements from Log File (Journal);
  • Fixed several bugs causing software crash;
  • Enabled displaying of system/hidden files.
version 8.0

What's new in version 8.0:

  • New installation options for macOS and Linux;
  • Changes in the software licensing:
    - Removed limitations on saving the results of 'raw' recovery with the trial license;
    - The licensing options are reduced to three license types (Windows Support License,
    macOS Support License, Linux Support License);
    - Work with RAID (including Apple, mdadm, Windows dynamic disks, etc.) doesn't
    require a separate license;
  • Added software events log;
  • Expanded log on saving the scan results with more information about the saved files and
    saving errors;
  • Added error notification for bad blocks on disks;
  • Significant optimization of NTFS and HFS+ scan.
version 6.23

What's new in version 6.23:

  • Fixed bugs in FAT recovery module:
    - Removed record attributes verification for Volume Name entry;
    - Fixed bug with reconstruction of fragmented files when second FAT table is damaged.
  • Modified procedure of classification of found MFT entries from unlinked MFT chunks.
version 6.22.2

What's new in version 6.22.2:

  • Fixed bug with FAT file system quick scan.
version 6.22.1

What's new in version 6.22.1:

  • Optimization of HFS+ scan result set.
version 6.22

What's new in version 6.22:

  • Optimized file systems detection procedure by number of read requests;
  • Extended detection of certian file systems using backup copies of superblock.
version 6.21.3

What's new in version 6.21.3:

  • Added Spanish software interface language;
  • Fixed bug reading legacy HFS volumes;
  • Added extra search for folder name entries for EXT file system;
  • Update to PDF viewer: added support of buggy files with shifted xref table.
version 6.21.2

What's new in version 6.21.2:

  • Support of NTFS storages with cluster size over 64KB.
version 6.21.1

What's new in version 6.21.1:

  • Modifications to FAT/FAT32 scan procedure:
    - Fixed bug with file system indexing and zero-size files;
    - Better detection of deleted file entries with Asian/OEM encodings;
    - Enabled support of duplication of deleted entries when they are in different folders.
  • Fixed issues with recovery of NTFS folder structure (when 'indexing' is avaialble).
version 6.21

What's new in version 6.21:

  • Major rework of NTFS scan procedure:
    - Added old/duplicated objects removal from scan result;
    - Better processing of lost files (with descriptors out of MFT);
    - Changed priorities of file names processing;
    - Fixed bug in folder structure recovery by INDX entries;
    - Fixed bug with scan resumption and calling Recycle Bin processing;
    - Added support of Recycle Bin indexes with version 2.
  • Added Portuguese software interface language.
version 6.20.4

What's new in version 6.20.4:

  • Added NTFS tail scan to file system indexing stage.
version 6.20.3

What's new in version 6.20.3:

  • Reworked scan procedure for ExFAT (for better handling of deleted records).
version 6.20.2

What's new in version 6.20.2:

  • Added support of "CLOUD" reparse points on NTFS (files from OneDrive etc.).
version 6.20.1

What's new in version 6.20.1:

  • Fixed problem with ExFAT root folder validation during full-disk scan.
version 6.20

What's new in version 6.20:

  • Reworked LVM module (adapted to LVM 2.2 with DM RAID);
  • Update to embedded viewer.
version 6.19

What's new in version 6.19:

  • Significant update to APFS file system scan procedure;
  • Update to embedded viewer.
version 6.18.5

What's new in version 6.18.5:

  • Better handling of APFS after unclean shutdown.
version 6.18.4

What's new in version 6.18.4:

  • Fixed problem processing EXT directories with block size over 32KB.
version 6.18.2

What's new in version 6.18.2:

  • Added few more formats for raw recovery procedure.
version 6.18.1

What's new in version 6.18.1:

  • Added more formats for raw recovery procedure;
  • Detection of valid size for TIFF/QTFF formats (TIF, NEF, CR2, MOV, MP4 etc.).
version 6.18

What's new in version 6.18:

  • Updated data recovery procedure for ExFAT file system
version 6.17.2

What's new in version 6.17.2:

  • Few bugs fixed in scan result handling procedure
version 6.17.1

What's new in version 6.17.1:

  • Fixed problem reading expanded EXT-formatted volumes (classic+meta GD);
  • Fixed reading of large EXT folders after massive file deletion (when whole blocks are released).
version 6.16.3
version 6.16.2

What's new in version 6.16.2:

  • Enhanced recovery quality from ExFAT file system.
version 6.16.1

What's new in version 6.16.1:

  • Enhanced recovery quality from Btrfs after format;
  • Fixed issue with reconstruction of damaged root folder on FAT32.
version 6.16

What's new in version 6.16:

  • One more enhancement to NTFS file system reconstruction after scan;
  • Significantly enhanced reconstruction of Apple APFS file system.
version 6.15.2

What's new in version 6.15.2:

  • Enhanced structure reconstruction on NTFS file system after scan.
version 6.15.1

What's new in version 6.15.1:

  • Added support of several new camera RAW formats (including new Canon CR3).
version 6.15

What's new in version 6.15:

  • Fixed data recovery on FAT with zero file creation dates;
  • Added thumbnail preview for certain video file formats.
version 6.14.3

What's new in version 6.14.3:

  • Fixed problem with support of small compressed files on Btrfs;
  • Fixed problem with GPT partition recognition on 4K-block disks.
version 6.14.2

What's new in version 6.14.2:

  • Byte-accurate recognition of file size for JPG and MTS formats with raw recovery;
  • Excluded bad JPG files from result;
  • Displaying of partially damaged progressive JPG files.
version 6.14.1

What's new in version 6.14.1:

  • Fixed software bug that may happen when handling EXT file system with specific superblock damage.
version 6.14

What's new in version 6.14:

  • Support of openning EXT file system with group descriptor damage.
version 6.13.2

What's new in version 6.13.2:

  • Fixed support of Apple software RAID.
version 6.13.1

What's new in version 6.13.1:

  • Fixed few issues with Apple APFS file system scan quality.
version 6.13

What's new in version 6.13:

  • Mac File System Support is extended with Apple APFS file system.
version 6.12.2

What's new in version 6.12.2:

  • Applied modifcation to FAT32 scan procedure (related to car DVR);
  • Few minor bugs fixed (related to internal resources leak).
version 6.11

What's new in version 6.11:

  • Enhanced raw recovery procedure for certain picture formats based on TIFF
    (including camera raw photos);
  • Fixed some problems and extended support of camera raw photos by embedded viewer.
version 6.10.1

What's new in version 6.10.1:

  • Option to skip file system scan to revise existing file system contents;
  • Extended support of camera-raw formats by embedded viewer.
version 6.10

What's new in version 6.10:

  • Support of HFS+ hardlinks in file system access mode.
  • Fixed problem with expanded EXT4 (meta_bg).
version 6.9.5

What's new in version 6.9.5:

  • Added support for PDF, EXE and some other formats in embedded viewer.
version 6.9.4

What's new in version 6.9.4:

  • Fixed bug with memory overflow in certain scenarios when scanning Ext4 file system;
  • Extended support of camera-raw formats by embedded viewer.
version 6.9.3

What's new in version 6.9.3:

  • Extended support of camera-raw formats by embedded viewer.
version 6.9.2

What's new in version 6.9.2:

  • Better damaged FAT/FAT32 recovery in certain scenarios.
version 6.9.1

What's new in version 6.9.1:

  • Better deleted data reconstruction on XFS file system in certain scenarios.
version 6.9

What's new in version 6.9:

  • Massive update to file type-based data recovery (raw recovery).
version 6.8.2

What's new in version 6.8.2:

  • Extended supported formats by embedded image viewer (DICOM, Camera RAW);
  • Scan result now deafults to "All files"
  • Other minor updates.
version 6.8.1

What's new in version 6.8.1:

  • Support of automatic connection to network shared folders under Windows 10;
  • Better data recovery results under 'found by type' files;
  • More photo formats supported by file viewer.
version 6.8

What's new in version 6.8:

  • Separation of deleted and normal data in scan results;
  • Rework of different elements of user interface;
  • More informative and clear user interface with brighter and bigger fonts.
version 6.7.1
version 6.7.0
version 6.6.0
version 6.5.0
version 6.4.2