Raise Data Recovery – Linux Support enables extension of a basic software with the functions of access and recovery from Linux operating system.

The module can be activated only after General License (with Short-Term Support or Long-Term Support) is purchased and activated.

Linux Module as an extension is activated through the Basic Linux File System Support License, therefore it becomes available after activation of the General License only. See the detailed instructions for activation of General and additional licenses in the video guide.

This component shares system requirements of the host software and is available for Windows. The component is integrated automatically to the host software, comes with it and does not require any separate installation.


Key features

  • Immediate integration into host software
Linux Module does not require any pre-installing and starts functioning after the license activation.
  • Data recovery from Linux operating system
Linux Module enables recovering files of various types stored on different Linux-based file systems.
  • Linux-based file systems scan
Linux Module removes trial limitations for results of Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, JFS, ReiserFS, UFS and UFS2 file system scanning