myCCTV Recovery

Legal information

Company details

myCCTV Recovery is a software product designed by SysDev Laboratories LLC. Here you can find the vendor company details.

Limited Liability Company SysDev Laboratories

Code of legal entity: 35951055

Central office:

28-V Druzhby Narodiv Blvd,

Kyiv, 01103, Ukraine


Terms of use

myCCTV Recovery is licensed, not sold. This means that the Legal Owner of the software (SysDev Laboratories LLC) only grants you a limited right to install and use a copy of the program according to the End User License Agreement (EULA). Read the End User License Agreement supplied with the product for more information about the usage terms. Please note that different versions of myCCTV Recovery may be subject to different End User License Agreements.

The End User License Agreement is a legally binding document. Any actions with the software (including copying, installation, exploitation, etc.) imply that you have accepted the EULA and approve all the conditions set out in it. From the moment of acceptance, the agreement comes into legal force in Ukraine and most other countries worldwide. The violation of EULA can be considered as a crime according to the Ukrainian copyright laws, other copyright laws and international treaties.

Only SysDev Laboratories LLC, the software Author and authorized resellers are entitled to issue Registration Codes and Access Keys for the product that is the property of SysDev Laboratories LLC. Unauthorized use of a Registration Code or Access Key is violation of the Ukrainian and international copyright laws.

Any unauthorized transfer of a Registration Code or Access Key result in the automatic termination of the End User License Agreement, without any prior notice from the Owner or a refund.

Licensing information

Trial (Evaluation) License – the software can be used by a single person on any computer device, running any of the supported operating systems, for evaluation purposes only. A License Owner shall agree to the technical limitations in the software (Trial Limitations).

One-Time Use License – the License can be used on one computer owned by a License Owner, running one of the supported operating systems, for saving the results of a single data recovery procedure performed with the software and associated with the corresponding unique identification code generated in the program (referred to as a Scan Result ID).

Multiple Use License – the License is applicable for continued usage of the software during a specific period chosen at the moment of License purchase (3/6 months, 1/2/3 years or any other agreed period).

The Multiple Use License activated with the help of a Software Registration Code enables installation and use of the Software on a particular computer system, uniquely identified by the ID generated for it in the program (referred to as a System ID).

The Multiple Use License activated with the help of a Software-based Access Key (Sentinel SL) enables installation and use of the Software on a particular computer system, uniquely identified by its "fingerprint", to which the electronic security key is locked by means of a third-party protection solution.

The One-Time Use and Multiple Use licenses require the payment of the license fee.

After the purchase of a One-Time Use License, SysDev Laboratories authorizes it by releasing a Software Registration Code for the provided Scan Result ID. This code is used to identify a License Owner as an authorized user of the software and unlocks its functions (removes the "Trial Limitations") to enable completion of this specific data recovery procedure, i.e. saving the obtained results.

After the purchase of a Multiple Use License, SysDev Laboratories may authorize it by issuing either a Software Registration Code or a Software-based Access Key.

In this case, a Software Registration Code is granted for the provided System ID and should be entered directly into the software. It unlocks the program’s functions (removes the "Trial Limitations") on a specific computer for the period, during which the license remains in effect.

A Software-based Access Key is established in the system based on its unique characteristics and is bound to concrete hardware on which the program will be used. As long as a valid Access Key is installed, the application communicates with it and thus runs consistently on that given computer.

Such a Software Registration Code/Software-based Access Key is valid for any version of the Software released prior to its receipt, as well as for Software Updates that come out during the period of Multiple Use License duration.