myCCTV Recovery

System requirements

Supported host operating systems

The program can be installed and launched under the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows®: starting from Windows XP with Service Pack 3 and later.

Supported host computer architectures

The application is compatible with the following architectures:

  • Intel Architecture, 32-bit (IA-32, x86);
  • AMD64 (x86-64).

Minimal configuration

The minimal requirements for deploying the program comprise:

  • Storage: At least 20 MB of free space for the executable files of the software;
  • Memory: At least 8 GB of RAM.

Optimal performance of the software can be achieved with the following configuration:

  • OS: A 64-bit edition of any of the supported operating systems;
  • Storage: Over 1 GB of free space on the disk for the program and temporary files;
  • Memory: At least 32 GB of RAM;
  • Processor: A CPU with 4 logical cores for parallel data processing;
  • Web browser: Any default web browser.