myCCTV Recovery

Software overview and main features

myCCTV Recovery is a specialized utility that makes it easy to restore video recordings lost from surveillance devices. Adjusted to the specifics of CCTV appliances of most popular vendors, the software is capable of dealing with their proprietary file systems, formats and video compression codecs that are usually not covered by universal data recovery tools. Even in cases when the footage got damaged or partly overwritten, the program will deliver an intact file you can open with any standard media player. Relying on an intelligent scanning mechanism, it controls the validity of each frame in a video stream, puts the related frames together and places the obtained recording in a container file of the common *.AVI format. Meanwhile, the content of frames remains untouched, which allows using the recovered video materials as credible digital evidence.

The most prominent features of myCCTV Recovery include:

  • Processing a broad spectrum of specific CCTV formats

  • Support for different storage types, including disk images

  • Intelligent video reconstruction techniques

  • Automatic repacking of footages into a universal media file format

  • Possibility to save a scan session for later reference

  • Convenient navigation through the recovered videos

  • Instant preview of recordings right in the interface

  • Optional filters for the date/time interval, surveillance camera

  • Quick search and sorting and options

  • Fully functional video files as the recovery result

Supported storages

Personal computers, laptops, external hard disk drives, USB flash drives, SD/miniSD/microSD cards, disk images.

Supported file systems

  • Windows: NTFS, FAT/FAT32, exFAT;
  • macOS: HFS+, APFS;
  • Linux: Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, XFS, JFS, ReiserFS, Btrfs;
  • CCTV file systems: WFS, DHFS, HIK, Mirage, Pinetron, BKFL, etc.;
  • File systems used as a metadata source: UAVtech.

Supported file formats

  • MPEG4, MJPEG, H264.

Supported codecs

  • Video codecs: Motion-JPEG, Motion-JPEG2000, ASF (MPEG 4 Part 2), AVC (h.264), HEVC (h.265), MPEG/MPEG2;
  • Audio codecs: PCM, ADPCM, G.711/A-Law.

Supported stream formats

umv, mdig, rsfm (Rsfs), dch264 (DHFS), ssf, xql, dhav (DHFS), avix1, rim, lvf, keno, aura, human, siemens, hav, axs , idis, idis2, cli_el, lg_tfs, s1, ss_nsys, ndav, ndap, adtssf, govctv, cenova, tango, acumen, ftvt, bnk, everfocus, iseeq, commax, rms, SVN, SHFL, etc.